WYLD Workshop: Staghorn Fern Mounting with Manny Soriano

WYLD Workshop: Staghorn Fern Mounting with Manny Soriano

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What better way to expand your indoor jungle, but by going up! Learn how to mount your very own staghorn fern - and take it home, too!

The Platycerium bifurcatum, more commonly known as the staghorn fern, is an epiphyte, meaning that in nature, they grow attached on to other trees while catching food and nutrients from the rain and forest litter with their fronds. In this workshop, we will learn how to mimic this phenomenon by mounting a staghorn fern onto a cedar plaque that can then be hung onto your wall at home.

All materials will be included, as well as snacks and mimosas, so just bring your good-looking self!


  • cedar plaque
  • screws
  • sphagnum moss
  • fishing line
  • sawtooth hangers
  • 4” staghorn fern

The workshop will be led by Manny Soriano, a linguist, artist, and musician whose love for plants started with a tiny little Aloe vera he received as a housewarming present. Three years and 100 plants later, there is no turning back. Take a peek into his indoor jungle at @perennialpapi. Manny also happens to be our Social Media Marketing and Operations Manager here at WYLD!

Workshop attendees also receive a WYLDBNCH Tote and a 15% discount off of their total purchase on the day of the workshop.

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